Spring Sports

By: Anjeza Skudrinja

March 23rd, 2021

Adjustments have been needed to be made to continue sports at Watertown High School this year. Thankfully despite the challenges faced due to COVID 19 sports have started up again. The precautions due to Covid-19 this year include, masks being required and to social distance during practice and on the side lines. Teams are traveling to other schools this year, and the first state tournament of the year is planned for this spring. The sports this spring are, boys and girls outdoor track, boys tennis, girls tennis, boys lacrosse, girls lacrosse, softball, baseball, boys swimming and diving, boys basketball, and girls basketball.


Mr. Catuccio is the Athletic Director at Watertown High School, and has been for five years. Mr. Catuccio is looking forward to the fact that students will have the opportunity to play this year. His advice is to, “Take advantage of the time they have and be hopeful for a normal spring season.” He also says it is important that it runs as normal as possible because they lost the whole season last year.

Pandemic Hits Athletes Hard

By: Andrew Warren

December 4th, 2020

With the ongoing pandemic, Watertown High School student-athletes have not had it easy. “The seasons have  changed dramatically" said Mr. Catuccio, our Athletic Director here at Watertown High School. He explained how the fall sport seasons have worked these past few months. All of our school’s teams are in the Naugatuck Valley League. But, this year, the league was split up into different regions consisting of fewer teams to prevent the spread of COVID-19. He explains how coaches had many new responsibilities that they have never had to deal with before. These responsibilities include spreading teammates apart, monitoring social distance, and taking athletes' temperatures before travel.

Recently, the NVL cancelled all post-season events, meaning championship and divisional meets/games would not be happening. Mr. Catuccio explains this decision was due to, “many NVL Schools in the red, and many others unable to compete because they are full remote.” He wants people to understand that this is the safest option for the coaches, staff, athletes, and their families. 

As a result of the cancellation of post season events and the postponement of winter sports, Mr. Catuccio has recently announced that there will be a “Pandemic Challenge” containing many different activities to keep students active and relieve stress. These activities consist of running, walking, push-ups, sit-ups, yoga, and more excellent workouts and activities. Each student is encouraged to participate.

Looking back on the short but eventful fall season, Mr. Cattucio named a few athletes who caught his attention this season. Senior Keith Caouette, showed outstanding effort this soccer season. He took notice of senior Jill Nugai, of the Girl’s Diving Team who has done remarkably well this season. He also had his eye on both the Girls and Boys Cross Country teams. Senior Emma Gallagher has placed first in every race this season. Sophomore Alex Cole, of the Boys Cross Country team, has also shown many fast times and improvements throughout the season.

Reflecting on each team's progress and performance throughout the season, Mr. Cattuccio says, “On any given day, any team could beat their opponent.” Although the season was cut a bit short, each team did remarkably well in all of their seasons, and should be proud of their progress.